Chicken Dance

A Family Edition Musical


Individual or Family


Direct from the zany barnyard of chickens, ducks, pigs, goats, and cows, Chicken Dance tells the remarkable story of two plucky chickens, Marge and Lola, who desperately want to win the Barnyard Talent Contest. The first prize for winning the contest: two tickets to see singing sensation ELVIS POULTRY, LIVE IN CONCERT!

There is only one problem: Marge and Lola are unable to figure out their act for the talent show.

Starring a wonderfully talented cast of professional actors, and featuring eye-catching sets, colorful costumes, and a rich musical score, ArtsPower’s Chicken Dance is a full-length, 50-minute video for children and their families that is sure to delight viewers of all ages!

Chicken Dance: Family Edition includes bonus videos!

"Wow! Chicken Dance was a huge hit with our Pre-K through 2nd graders! Our teachers reported that it was the best performance ever! Thank you so very much for bringing the show to us." - Manassas Park, VA  


"Let me say how pleased my audience and I were with the performance of Chicken Dance. A very entertaining and enjoyable show to watch." - Richardson, TX  

"I thought the production was wonderful – acting, singing, dancing, props, story – all were woven together to provide a thoroughly charming and entertaining musical for all ages really! I watched the show three times that day and smiled each time." - Park Forest, IL   


Individual or Family

Get ready to bawk and roll!