Character Studies - Part 2: Character Development

Watch the "The Train Scene" from the show again

Questions About the Changes in Characters

  1. All three of the story’s main characters change from the beginning to the end of the show. This change is called the “arc” of the character. Briefly describe how each of these characters change from the beginning of the show to the end.
  2. How do you think Claudia and Jamie felt just before they ran away to the museum?
  3. What do you think made Claudia want to run away from home? What was she running from? 
  4. How did Jamie and Claudia’s relationship change from when they first ran away to the end of the show?
  5. Why do you think Mrs. Frankweiler was so interested in learning about Claudia and Jamie’s adventures?
  6. What makes Mrs. Frankweiler and Claudia so much alike?
  7. Although we never meet the children’s’ parents, Mr. and Mrs. Kincaid, how do you think they felt when they realized Claudia and Jamie were missing?
  8. Claudia believes that when you hug someone, “you learn an important something about them.” What do you think she means?
  9. Review the Exterior Versus Interior portion of this lesson. Why do you think Mrs. Frankweiler’s exterior and interior monologues do not always align?