Character Studies - Part 1: Interviews

Watch the Videos, “Interviews with the Actors Portraying Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler and Jamie Kincaid”

Exterior Versus Interior

E.L. Konigsburg has clearly defined the personalities of the main characters in her story. What is so interesting is that each of these characters, Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler, Claudia Kincaid, and Jamie Kincaid, change during the story. They are also compelling because what they say does not always reflect how they behave. On the outside, or exterior for example, Mrs. Frankweiler often appears to be uncaring and aloof. But, on the inside, or interior, her behaviors tell a different story. 

Below are a few examples taken from the script of ArtsPower’s musical that demonstrate the differences in what Mrs. Frankweiler says and how she behaves.


(How she appeared on the outside)

  1. “I don’t donate things.” 
  2. “I don’t have all day.”
  3. “Didn’t sound anything like my calm, disciplined lawyer. Disgusting!”


(How she really feels on the inside)

  1. Leaves sketches to kids in her will.
  2. She has all the time to hear their stories.
  3. “Well, Saxonberg, that would make us.....We won’t think about that!” (This is her reaction to when she overhears Claudia and Jamie suggest that she be their honorary grandmother. Saxonberg, Mrs. Frankweiler’s lawyer, is the childrens’ grandfather.)